About Us

We are Aron and Malin Hosie, an English/Swedish cocktail of love, life and happiness. We found each other whilst living in London in 2002 over a glass of champagne at the Sanderson hotel followed by vodka-shots at the Nordic bar. Our paths became intertwined and the rest, as they say, is history.
We now live in Totnes, Aron’s hometown, a beautiful and unique town set in the valley by river Dart. Its right between the coast and Dartmoor National park where life is very much about a healthy balancing act between work & pleasure. Our days our filled with running our business and family-life with two young daughters and a fluffy dog called Rocky.
We are independent clothing stores for men and women with a dedication to all things stylish, unique and irresistible. We sell clothes for men and women of all ages who want to look and feel good whilst going about life no matter where we are or what we are doing.

We believe in the importance of looking after yourself on the inside and the outside. We believe in dressing for every moment, making each moment count and choosing your style and your clothes with as much passion & thought as you choose your food & wine.

What you wear and how the clothes make you feel, will impact on how you act and are perceived. We think that is important too.

We love travelling and are always in search of fresh inspiration which we seek out wherever we go. We love New York & London, the buzz of a city as well as hot & sunny places  where life is at a slower pace.

Among the clothes in our shop we are trying to give you a small selection of goods & brands we have found on our travels from beautifully scented creams & eau de colognes to Italian leather bags and other gems & gorgeous things we find on our way.