Our Brands

Our brands originate from all over Europe, from north to south then across the Atlantic to New York. We like our brands to be reliable in style & quality and give you something a little bit extra & different which you don’t find on every high street.


Autumn 2016

Below is the list of brands we have in store this season.

Aqua di Colonia – Be Alpaca – Bellerose

 Caroline cashmere – Charli – Cocoa Cashmere

DL1961 Denim – Great Plains – Grizas

Harris Wilson – Hartford – Helen Moore – Hod

La Molina Chocolates – Laboratory Perfumes – Leon & Harper

Marie Sixtine – Marvis – Masai

One + Eight – Ottod’ame – Part Two – Pom  – Rabens Saloner

Samsoe & Samsoe – Sandwich – Skoura – Two Danes

Weaver Green – Welsh Lavendar – Yerse